Who we are.

Traffic Corp's core business is to control traffic. If you consider traffic lights as a static method of controlling traffic then you will appreciate that our business offers flexibility and portability. We control traffic in everyday situations creating safe working environments for your employees. Uncontrolled, everyday traffic situations breed chaos and Traffic Corp turns the potential chaos into control. We are a fully qualified traffic control enterprise. Our wealth of experience covers a wide range of everyday situations from:
•work sites,
•emergency 24/7 call outs
•managing traffic at events including organising parking.
•providing traffic plans
•applying for the required statutory approval before work commences.
Our Aim

Traffic Corp SA's  aim is to keep the South Australian Roadside Worksites Safe - we strive to have all workers go home safely at night and that the safety of all road users and pedestrians is maintained on all our worksites .
We are a South Australian Company - employing South Australians to protect jobs and worksites all over the state.

In early 2016 Traffic Corp SA Pty Ltd purchased the business of Makesafe Traffic Management SA from previous ownership. Makesafe Traffic Management SA has been operating for two years and was branded from the older business of HTC which was operating under the All Points Traffic Management brand. The Management Team in South Australia have been with the business since its early days as APTM and the current owners have many years experience in both Management and Ownership within the Traffic Management Industry.

Our Managers and Owners have considerable experience in all facets of traffic management from small scale works through to large scale major projects, small road closures to major traffic impact works. After purchasing the business we moved our depot to a more centralised location in Wingfield on Grand Junction Road which is central to the major arterial road network.

We currently have a fleet of 24 Traffic Management Vehicles that range from utes to larger scale trucks for bigger jobs and freeway bollard truck for multi lane works and quick lane closures. We currently employ a Team of 60 fully qualified traffic controllers. This number is continually growing. We have a number of office support staff including Planner, Project Manager and Branch Manager.

(08) 8244 5411
Traffic Corp S.A.
(08) 8244 5411